Birutes str. 22-311, LT-91187 Klaipeda

KFLAG members

At present, the association “Klaipeda Fisheries Local Action Group” unites 12 members from the local government, civil society and business sector.
Local government is represented by Klaipėda City Municipality

The civil society sector is represented by:

International Association of Fish Processors and Fishermen „Baltijos vienybė“
Klaipeda branch of the Lithuanian Association of Hunters and Fishermen
Garage and Small Ship Community „Smiltelė“
VšĮ „Tekantis vanduo“

The business sector represents:

UAB „Spika“
UAB „Melnragės molas“
UAB „Pasaulio žuvys“
UAB „Ingida“
M. Rumsko individual company
Arvydas Žiogas
T. Areškevičiaus individual company

The highest governing body of the association is the general meeting of members, convened at least once a year. In the general assembly of members, the right to vote shall be vested in every member of the association.


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Association "Klaipeda Fisheries Local Action Group"

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